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Players rules in Deathrun (BunnyHop) server

Forbidden to use cheats and scripts (alias).

Forbidden to promote websites and gaming servers, especially Counter-Strike 1.6.

Forbidden to swear, offend other, particularly using VIP chat (y+@).

Forbidden to disturb other player or bother them otherwise.

Forbidden to lie or speak rude about server.

Forbidden to behave as if you were exceptional.

Forbidden to run out from T command or suicide in other way being in T command.

Forbidden to bug, i.e. otherwise faster to pass the map (ex. to jump from one floor to other).

Forbidden to move, if you dropped from other floor and if the map has more when one floor, mandatory to suicide.

Forbidden at the end of the map to get HP, which you can increase 100+.

Mandatory on „Free Knife“ mode go fight with terrorist one vs. one.

VIP, Admin, Admin/VIP rules for all servers

Forbidden to use privileges without matter or for its interest.

Forbidden to behave as if you were exceptional. You are the same as everyone.

Forbidden to create void and offensive votes.

Forbidden to swear and write always using VIP chat (y+@).

Mandatory to help, to advice, to answer to the player questions.

Mandatory before adding vote for banning to make sure with spectate mode, if the player deserved it.